With snow still everywhere, we aren't selling a thing yet at the nursery. However, that allows me the time to promote. We had a lot of extra catalogs printed and I spent the day distributing 1,100 of them to 62 stops. I started in Winger, went to Erskine, McIntosh, Fosston, Bagley, then Bemidji. I stopped at banks, convenience stores, all medical establishments, dentists, and a couple of manufacturing plants. People are very friendly, even if they haven't heard of the nursery. They like to get a full-color gardening catalog. 

The younger the person who greets me, the more suspicious. The older, the more eager they are to get a catalog themselves. Ended up visiting with the cleaning lady at one hospital and she said she would put 20 catalogs in the employee lunchroom, which is really what you want. Another lady in Bemidji asked for 40 catalogs to distribute to everybody she knew. You don't get much better PR than that! 

Last weekend, we distributed about 1,000 catalogs at the Grand Forks Home show. The week before that, I distributed about 800 in the Crookston-Grand Forks area. 

I try to concentrate upon places who have employees who are well paid, as you might expect.