Turning the corner

So much has happened to the climate in the past few days. Yesterday, I went for a run on the railbed. Only last week, it was under drifts. I think it was last Friday that the ditches broke loose. The swamp in front of the house gathered a lot of water, but still is only about 30% full, if that.

The ground is still frozen in many places. However, the weather forecast looks pretty good.

We sit with a huge inventory, hoping to sell everything by June 10. I rest easy that we have done everything possible as far as promotion and preparation of inventory. Joe has managed things very well this spring, getting us readier than we ever have been. But oh man, do we have to sell stuff in the next four weeks. That's when it happens. 

The spring is fun for most of us, but Aunt Olive awoke with horrific back pain yesterday. It is tough to figure out what went wrong. Tests show no infection. It could be her back went out. It could be compression fractures. But it sure is no fun to see her in pain. The staff at the Hilton are so good to her. They keep a hot pack on her back, which makes her feel better. 

Yesterday, Olla thought she was ready to die, but today she thought she'd better wait a while, which is a good sign. She's worried that her funeral would conflict with the busy season at the nursery and then we wouldn't be able to properly plan. So, she is going to try to hang on until the end of the season. I tried to tell her that we'll put on a good funeral no matter when she goes, but you have to be careful not to act too flippant about the date. 

"I could die any moment!" she said to me yesterday. 

"So could I," I said. 

"No sympathy from you," she said with disgust. 

I really hope this back thing straightens out. The staff is doing all they can, as is the doctor. But it is no fun to see Aunt Olive in pain.