Weird spring

The most common conversational comment at the nursery: "It has been a weird spring!"

So weird that I can't think of any to compare it to. It has been since the year 2000 that the apples and lilacs have bloomed this late. Our inventory at the nursery is still good, which, to me at least, isn't good! However, I have faith that it will start to disappear in the coming days. Business has been very good for the past three weeks; it is just that we missed April entirely and we have to make that deficit up in June. 

Brother Joe has done an ace job of managing the nursery this spring. I can't think of a single area in which the nursery hasn't improved since he took over as boss. It just highlights that it was time for me to get out. My contribution was marketing. I am not a horticulturist, so we were riding on our laurels in some areas as I promoted what we had but paid no attention to research and development. Joe came in and introduced a lot of new things. 

We have a very experienced and talented crew this year. Last year we were a little short in the early season, but this year several people came on board who have really added. With a seasonal business, it is always tough to find talented people willing to work only a small part of the year. This year, however, Joe has assembled a bunch I would happily use to start a year-round company. They are good. 

Joe's wife Kae contributes a lot with her humor and good cheer. She is relentlessly positive, something we glum Bergeson's need. Sister Tracie has been here for the entire season for the first time since she left high school, and her presence has a calming effect. Her massage business has been booming with repeat business as well, which is a good sign. 

I hear rain again on the roof. After last season, I don't think I will complain! We need moisture. I think the farmers are okay. Better wet than dry. And the swamp is full!