Went in to see Aunt Olla briefly at the Hilton today. It was good to see that she is completely free from pain after her back-pain episode of the past few weeks. She was in her chair napping. I brought her some smoothie made by sister Tracie. Aunt Olla has always been a health nut, so she loves the kale/banana/apple/maple syrup/almond/blueberry mix (that is an approximation of the contents) Tracie blends together and hands out liberally.

Aunt Olla had just had a nice visit with "the lady from the post office." It took me awhile to figure out that the woman was Angie, the person at the front desk who hands out the mail at the Hilton each day. 

Aunt Olla was completely upbeat, said she had no complaints--except for the nightly strokes, which continue uninterrupted. She remembers that we are in the busy season at the nursery, so she is always pleasantly surprised by visits.