Heat wave

Was it beautiful today! Mid-twenties. Pretty still. Cloudy. Very pretty.

My phone rang early. It was a man from the log home company. He was at the house with the last windows for the high part of the prow. I ran over and helped him unload them. Jeff and Dean put them up later in the day and now I can see out the big windows.

I bought a new memory chip for the camera, took some pictures and raced back to my computer to put them up on this weblog. Well, it wasn't going to be that simple. The program I had used to shrink the pictures down to size, Paintshop Pro, was a sample, and the sample time expired. So, I purchased the program online.

It took two hours to download. After that, I tried to run it--and apparently it takes up so much memory that it shuts my computer down to a crawl. So, I have been frustrated in my attempts to share pictures of the house.

That aside, it was a good day. I went to town, forgot half my errands once I got to the cafe, and didn't get back for two hours. I crawled up into the crow's nest to look out the windows from that vantage point for the first time.

I toured another house going up in the area, one that is about four times the size of mine. It is at the same stage. Same frustrations. Same issues.

All of this was a way of procrastinating. I was hoping to start sealing the knotty pine boards, but I didn't get around to it until 4 p.m. Well, the first five boards are the toughest. Once I get a method, it might move along faster.

In preparation for seeding the first trays of flowers, Mom and Dad scrubbed down the seeding room (which doubles as the lunchroom) as if it they were planning to do surgery. It needed the cleaning. Ken scrubbed what we call the germination rack, a series of shelves lit by flourescent lights where plants get their start after getting seeded. Sterilization is important.

So, things are moving along. I have been taking speaking engagements for spring. Today, Lutheran women's gathering and a Swedish Society. I don't know what a Swedish Society is, but I will be speaking to their annual meeting.

So tonight, I decided to sit down and watch some television. That effort lasted about ten minutes, until I saw a news anchor earnestly ask a reporter, "Any word how Ed MacMahon is holding up?" I decided I could do without knowing that.