Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip to Mexico. My plane flies out Friday morning. My apologies to weblog regulars--I don't know if I will be able to report from Mexico. I am not bringing my laptop because I can't imagine they would have an internet hookup anyway. So, the only possibility would be if we had an internet cafe near the hotel or something, which is actually quite likely. We'll see.

Just in case I have no connection, I wrote this week's column tonight. It is very strange abandoning ritual to write on a night other than Sunday evening, and on a Wednesday at that. So, I decided to fulfill my long-time goal of writing an entire column in one sentence. We'll see what the editors do with it. The length of the sentence is Dickensian, but the comparison ends there to be sure.

So, today I sawed up some more firewood in case the Jeff and Dean want to fire the stove while I am gone. They are done inside the house until the electricians come back, so they are going to be putting on siding tomorrow.