Fun with Food

This has been a great fall for the garden. In addition, it has been fun learning about wild foods. I wrote a column on perslane, but there are others.

Saturday was sister Tracie's birthday. She loves wild food, so I picked and cleaned five baggies of lamb's quarters, a plant identified, along with perslane, as one of the two top green vegetables in the world for nutrition.

We have also been picking and enthusiastically eating the shaggy cap mushrooms around the yard. I have been figuring out how to freeze them. Sister tried the frozen ones and they work well. Shaggy caps have a light, very subtle mushroom flavor. When you get used to them, the traditional mushrooms from the store are second best, both in texture and taste. 

Now, I find out you can freeze tomatoes for use in cooking throughout the year. I am not a canner, but I love freezing things and throwing them into a stir fry throughout the winter. 

Brother Joe and wife Kae have been making their usual massive batches of salsa. Sister Tracie went to a class and learned how to make kimchi, a fermented Korean vegetable dish that lasts in the fridge for a year. She has given Lance and I two jars which we toss into various things. 

Meanwhile, for Tracie's birthday party, Lance made a traditional Phillipino desert called bibingka. The results are below. Lance said his late mother, who contributed his Phillipino half, would be very proud. Note the banana leaves.