Mexico City

Greetings from the Holiday Inn on the main square of one of the biggest cities in the world--22 million people, according to our tour guide.

The Mexican keyboard is an exercise in frustration. The shift key is in a different spot, as are some of the letters, so I will do my best. Outside on the national square is some huge celebration with marching bands--we hope they don´t go too late in the night.

I am in Mexico for a tour of Mexican pipe organs which starts in the morning. Scary item: When we met our group at the Dallas airport, one of the tour members, a physician from Washington state, said--"Oh, you´re the one with the weblog."

Turns out he had been typing in the names of the people on the trip on Google, and my weblog showed up. So, there are no secrets, and no, I can´t tell you about all the strange people who gravitate towards a pipe organ tour.

Suffice it to say, it is a different crowd than what you´d find on a ballpark tour.

But, enough for tonight. Tomorrow we are going to have a chance to hear and play Mexico´s largest pipe organ, the third largest in the world. We have many talented organists on the tour, so each of them is going to try to strut their stuff, I imagine.

It was near seventy degrees when we got off the plane today in Mexico City. In Dallas, it was thirty-seven. That was a bit of a shock.