Indict Cheney, other news

•The introduction of torture of human beings as American policy has been one of the most shameful abandoments of our ideals in our history and it was primarily caused by one man: Dick Cheney. Cheney is one of the darkest figures in our recent political history. 

•The owners of the Minnesota Vikings are running an amazingly brazen con game to get the people of Minnesota to make them amazingly rich. And it is working. 

•Okay, it isn't the greatest campaign video, but this Texas judge has had enough.

•In news that affects only me, I completed my first colonoscopy yesterday. It took all of the rest of the day to sleep off the anesthetic. The procedure itself was, of course, not traumatic. The preparation was somewhat unpleasant. The thoughts provoked are more sobering: A colonoscopy is truly the last step into adulthood. You do it, not to get healthier, but to prevent illness. Most procedures––dental fillings, tonsillectomy, hernia repair––up to now have been to improve one's body. A colonoscopy does little more than stave off death. It is a psychological adjustment to act happy when the doctor tells you everything is normal. 

The procedure had an interesting random twist: A neighbor kid and former employee of mine, now in training to be a Physician's Assistant, showed up to watch! I could have said no, but I wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily. He now knows me inside and out, whether he wanted to or not.