First week

It takes a while to get settled in a new place and to get the mind settled. Today, it happened: I felt relaxed and at ease for the first time since arriving in Tucson. It blew hard for a while today, but that never lasts, and eventually it was a perfect mid-80s day.

I am working on two writing projects this winter, and so far I have averaged 2,500 words per day. I hope I can keep that up.

Called the Hilton to check in on Aunt Olla today. Her first line: "I can't complain about a thing!"

"Of course, my brain is no good. But others are worse off!"

She keeps asking when I will be home, which is a little hard as I have to be honest, even if I think it might be best to say one month. She asked four times today, and each time I told her, she sighed and said, "Yes, well, sometimes life is a little sad."

"But I had my time in the Southwest, too, so I guess you're entitled to it!"

I hate to introduce negative thoughts into her thought stream as they sometimes stick and she starts thinking about other bad things. But by the end of the call she was satisfied that we could stay in touch by phone.

Yesterday, Cousin Tina from Scottsdale came for a visit, along with John, her conference minister. Tina is ordained in the United Church of Christ, and John is that denomination's equivalent of a bishop for the Southwestern United States. He is a big baseball fan, so while Tina stayed back at the glass cottage, we went for a hike in Saguaro National Park and talked baseball. 

No rest for the wicked: John had to answer several phone calls regarding conference business during the day, which he had taken off. 

Later, we went to Miss Saigon, my favorite restaurant in Tucson, which only recently opened up a place very near here. What luck! Vietnamese food is healthy. And cheap. 

Today, I went for the lunch buffet at Ghandi, my favorite Indian restaurant in Tucson, only to find that they have opened up a branch in northern Tucson as well. Bonanza! The lunch buffet is all-you-can-eat and costs $7.50 with tax. Very good. Healthy food, too. 

Otherwise, I have been cooking for myself on the nice cookware provided in the glass cottage. The stove is propane, so that makes it fun. 

This weekend, the next door neighbors are part of the Pima County Open Studio Tour. There will be traffic in the neighborhood for the first time since I arrived. Pat's excellent work can be seen here. To make the art requires a lot of metal, so they have quite a compound over there. Looks like an old farm yard. 

Inside the house, they have a Steinway piano which they let me play!

So, life is good.