Sushi Chef

I have gone to the same sushi place four times since I came to Tucson. I love it. I sit at the bar and watch the dignified Japanese chef. In his mid-sixties or so, he is all business. 

Last time, he loosened up a bit. I like to cut my sushi into smaller bites so I can enjoy it more, I told him.

"No, no, no!" he replied. "Take whole piece and chew 30 times to enjoy!" 


Tonight, I tried to cut down on my order since he usually gives me too much. I used the order form to select six different types of fish, three pieces of each. 

"I will do two," he said. "It is easier for me to count two." 


When the plate came, there were four pieces of each fish. So apparently counting to four is easier than counting to either three or two!

Realizing I want to do the sushi thing right, he peered over the counter as I was eating and said, "interesting...very interesting." 

I couldn't get him to tell me what I was doing to cause him to say "interesting." I think he was just jerking my chain. 

I tried to make more conversation. 

"So, where to you get your fish?" I asked. 

"From the FEEEESH company," he said, deadpan. 

I gave up. He has my number. I love his work, but the bill, which is not itemized, has gone up every time. 

So has the pile on my plate, whether I ask for it or not!