Sunny weather

After some dreary fall weather, yesterday was golden. Almost like September, which is appropriate since it is almost September. I went door knocking. People were proud of their yards. 

Health care costs are starting to be a theme when I visit with people. So many people end up in financial trouble due to health issues. In particular, some older parents end up helping out adult children to the point of damaging their own finances beyond repair. Hearing the real stories can be heart-breaking. 

After each visit, I pause a bit, then enjoy the scenery and the sunshine and the weather on the way to the next house. 

Here is an example of how difficult it can be to legislate: I visited with Bernie Lieder, former representative and an expert on transportation issues. Transportation is going to be the big issue coming up, according to the experts, but how do we pay for the roads? 

The gas tax seems the fairest at first glance. 

"Well," Bernie said, "Did you know that the biggest fleet of trucks on the road in Minnesota pays no gas tax?" 

Turns out Schwan, in a wise decision for many reasons, equipped its trucks for natural gas--which is not taxed. 

Electric cars also escape the gas tax, yet use the roads. 

Bernie also lamented the "bleeding" of the transportation budget to make expensive bicycle lanes, some of which are mandated, again spending money on a form of transportation which doesn't contribute to the construction of its own roads. 

So, what would be fair? 

What would be a fair way to pay for the obvious needs of nursing homes? 

Not easy questions.