Lawn signs

When daydreaming about politics in past years, I had always hoped to avoid the tradition of lawn signs if I ever were to run. In fact, Betsy Hodges recently won the Minneapolis mayoral race without putting out a single one!

But wasn't possible in this Minnesota House race. Lawn signs are apparently unavoidable, I was informed early on. People love to see them pop up and compare who got which spot and who has more here and who has more there--so I have spent a couple of days spreading lawn signs about, with a lot of help from volunteers. It is sort of an unwritten rule that signs wait until after Labor Day, but after that, Katie bar the door. Up they go, all over. 

By the way, if you have a good spot for a lawn sign, don't hesitate to email. We'll get you one in a hurry. Gotta keep up with the Joneses in the lawn sign war!