Busy Thursday


Yesterday, Minnesota House Majority Leader Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul) came to Fertile with several aides to visit the Fair Meadow assisted living. Here she is in the middle, with my campaign treasurer (the hardest job on the campaign) Gloria Kaste on the right, and Erin in the middle. We had a great visit, not only viewing the building, but visiting with residents. 

The next stop was Crookston, so I asked the Majority Leader to ride with me so we could visit. I asked her about the politics of nursing homes in the legislature. If anything is evident from visiting with people in the past few days it is that the crisis of a nursing home labor shortage is getting worse by the day in northwestern Minnesota, and that several board members of homes, one mayor, one administrator, and others I have talked to say that unless something is done, they will not be open next year at this time. So, I asked the majority leader--is there hope? Does anybody care down there? 

The answer was fascinating. The short answer is yes, there is hope. The long answer is...more complicated. The politics of nursing homes are much more intense with the battle lines more demarcated than I had understood. 

Last night, a fund-raiser. For me. It was a deliberately small affair and not really a fund-raiser because nobody was required to give money to get in the door or to eat the delicious snacks (I can't spell "or derves"). The biggest honor for me was that Sen. Kent Eken, Sen. LeRoy Stumpf, and former long-time Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe all were in attendance and gave speeches on my behalf. I was very moved, and have been truly touched by their fatherly advice (plus the just as frequent grandfatherly advice of former Rep. Bernie Lieder) throughout this campaign, an effort which is truly an unfamiliar experience for me. They know the turf. To talk to them is to access some rare wisdom and over 100 years of legislative experience.