At last count, there were about 11 African-Americans living in Northwestern Minnesota. Oddly, the area is also blessed with 3,714 full professors in African-American studies. Educated at Talk Radio University, the profs are pretty sure they know just what the problem is with those black people. If you are interested, they gather for educational seminars in cafes and bars all across the area most every morning and evening. 

Here is a different perspective. I have seen this happen myself on a train. It boggles my mind. And it makes it clear to me: Nobody who hasn't been treated with indignity due to the color of their skin should pontificate about race. My partner Lance is half black. While working at a photo workshop in a supposedly liberal city, he attended a weekly dinner for the new students. In fact, he was in charge of the artist presentation. Yet hardly a week went by where somebody didn't just routinely hand him an empty drink glass, or a plate, assuming he would take care of it. One time and you can get over it. Many times and you start to wonder what these people think of your place in society.