Help on its way?

This article warms my heart to no end. I don't care that it is merely a blog entry and probably won't see the light of day in the broader media.

My sole reason for running for the House of Representatives was so this very thing could happen: Nursing home staff and administrators talking directly to the legislature in a public hearing about the dire problem of staffing in eldercare. And who is bringing it up? The Republicans! The new House speaker formed a committee on eldercare, and this was one of their first hearings. 

It is a shame that only a few Democrats (Kent Eken, most notably, as well as Rep. Huntley) brought this issue up, and that they were greeted with resistance. "It doesn't poll well," they were told. Of course it didn't poll well. Nobody knew what was going on unless they worked at a nursing home or had a relative as a resident!

Sometimes you have to lead the polls, not follow them. 

On this issue (and this issue alone), I say more power to the Republicans. Their governor, more than anybody, caused this problem by cutting nursing home funding for many consecutive years. Now it seems they have the gumption to fix it.

For the nursing homes which are struggling on a daily basis, and for residents whose care inevitably suffers when qualified staff can't be hired, let's hope that help is on its way.