Back north


After a four-day trip from Tucson, I am back north. Just in time for a cold blast! 

The highlight of this trip was Portal, AZ and Cave Creek Canyon. I really enjoyed my eight days there. I spent six additional days in Tucson, but after the quiet of Portal (and compared to the quiet of home), the city wasn't all that great. 

The drive gets easier with the passing years, although I now take four days instead of three. Ice on the road from Kansas City to Omaha caused dozens of cars to go in the ditch during the night before I took the trek. Apparently, nobody was hurt. The auto body guys should be busy. Lots of dents. Several cars flipped, as did two semis. 

As I approached Flagstaff from the south, somebody jumped the guard rail and went down the steep hill. We were stopped for an hour or more. Two ambulances wormed their way through the stopped traffic. I hope nobody was hurt there, either, but I have not been able to find any article on the internet about the crash. 

Also near Flagstaff was a sign warning of elk. I thought, sure, no chance of seeing one. In the next mile, however, there was a dead elk cow on the side of the road--many times the size of a deer. I wonder what happened to that vehicle.