Comeback kid


Went to see Aunt Olla today for the first time since I returned home. Her spirits were high and her mind was the best it has been in many months. I ran into Dad on the way in. He had just been to see Olla and he couldn't believe how good she was. 

We took this picture for Aunt Adeline in Reno. Aunt Adeline turned 95 this week. I showed Olla some pictures from Adeline's birthday party, and she said, "Man, she looks good." They are the only two left from that generation on the Bergeson side. 

Aunt Olla was filled with theories. For example, she is sure that the owners of the home are from the same part of Norway as Mama. "That's why they treat me so well," she said. 

Her room is drafty, she said. It has been that way for six years, since that guy who was mad as a wet hen took off the corner of the room with his car. "The man they hired to fix the hole didn't do a very good job," she said. "So there are drafts. But you can't have it all!" 

"Boy, I am in the presence of a profound educator," she said, apparently referring to me. "I have to make sure I speak well!"

I assured her that she was speaking better than she had in a long time. She has no memory of her near-death experience of three weeks ago. She has not only recovered, she is better than she was before it happened! 

In this case, loss of memory is a good thing. However, Olla remembered many things today she hasn't remembered recently. She knew she was 103-years old. She remembered details of stories without grasping for words. She remembered some of the names without coaxing. She also remembered that Dad had just been in to visit, and she was well aware that I hadn't been in for a while.

"Some great nephew you are!" she said.