Since I met Cousin Tina of Scottsdale a couple of years ago, I have also gotten to know her friend and conference minister (Tina is an ordained United Church of Christ minister) John Dorhauer. He is an avid baseball fan and I have enjoyed looking at the two rooms of baseball memorabilia he keeps in his house in Phoenix. His is a fanatic follower of the St. Louis Cardinals. 

One discussion at lunch last month was...what was Carl Yastremski's batting average when he won the Triple Crown? After a few seconds of debate, we realized that there is no need to speculate when we can find the answer on our phones. 

However, John''s going to have to pack up his baseball stuff and his other belongings and move, as a few minutes ago he was named to head the 1,000,000 strong national United Church of Christ. 

John is a strong advocate of the disenfranchised. He will always stand up for the less fortunate. His Christianity is one of action. He is also incorruptible, which will make him an exceptional leader and an authoritative voice in times when so many religioius leaders have become obsessed with political power.

Congratulations to John!