March non-madness

Some of you have written wondering where I have been lately. Thanks for your interest!

Running for office last summer and fall has changed the way I look at things. I am far less prone to fire off opinions on politics, or anything else, for that matter. I have no interest in restarting my newspaper column, and would be plenty happy never to see my name in the paper again. 

The public mood is malignant. To engage in debate seems a waste of time, particularly about any issue of perceived national importance. Although my opinions are as strong as ever, my ire has subsided with my realization that people are not going to change their fundamental views just because I demonstrate clearly on paper (or on this blog) that their views are insane, destructive and hateful. 

Even a mere reporting of daily activity seems fatuous. If you are on Facebook, you understand that everybody is reporting everything, and it is exhausting! 

Aunt Olive's passing was a significant event. She is the last of her generation with whom I had close rapport. As I sorted through the mountains of her mementos, keeping those which my particular filter decided were of historic importance, I thought of the essays I could write around some of the pictures. That might happen at some later point, but some gestation is needed. 

The Twins! I have ordered cable TV so I can watch. I missed them last summer when I was campaigning and didn't have cable. We'll see if they keep our interest. In the spring, we can always hope!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the quiet of late winter in the woods. The swans are back, but there isn't enough water in the swamp for them to nest there. So, I hope for rain.