Big spending

With my car falling apart in more ways than I cared to repair, I traded it in on Friday for a new Honda Accord. Wow, is it nice. It drives like a dream. So quiet. 

Little did I know that some of the quiet might be an illusion. Lance informs me that the car has "noise canceling" technology, which means the speakers emit frequencies which actually cancel out the road noise. Bizarre! In any case, I enjoy floating along at sixty and feeling like it is forty. 

Yesterday morning, I went out to find niece Champoo in the greenhouse. I told her I had something to show her. Since she notices everything right away, I thought she would squeal with delight at my new car as soon as it came into view. 


"You buy new car?" she said to me, concerned. 

"Yup," I said, proud as a peacock. 

She scowled. 

"How much?"

I told her. 

"Lots of money!" she said, obviously disapproving. 

Nine-year-olds aren't supposed to be like that.