Good Minnesotans know that to have hope is to open one's self up for eventual despair. However, the recent play of the Twins has been encouraging.

Last night's 3-2 victory over the Tigers was an example: Strong starting pitching from the wierdest of quarters, namely Mike Pelfrey, a strong bullpen performance and some timely hitting from those whose bats have thus far been largely dormant. 

So far, I am impressed with Paul Molitor as manager. He is not afraid to experiment with the lineup, which has so far been dreadful but which is showing signs of waking up. He stretches out the starting pitcher instead of coddling them as if they are going to blow a gasket if they throw over 100 pitches. He is working to get those who are hitting into the lineup (namely Nunez and Robinson) even if they weren't part of the team's plans coming out of spring training. 

The players clearly respect Molitor, and if his approach continues to show improved results, their confidence in him will only grow. He shows Earl Weaver and Tom Kelly's willingness to accept the flaws of each player (as exposed by statistics) and use players only where they are most likely to succeed.