3rd Spring

Looks like we're on our way to the third spring this spring as temperatures look good into the indefinite future after these past couple of cold days. Business has been good at the nursery this spring, and I think the repeated ups and downs get people antsy several times over, which can only encourage repeated trips to the nursery. 

Brother Joe and sister-in-law Kae are doing a great job of whipping the business into shape. I have been helping as needed. 

The Twins have cooled a bit since the hot streak which pushed them above .500 for the first time in a few years. I continue to be impressed by the quality of Molitor's managing, and am starting to appreciate what Neil Allen is doing with the pitching staff.  

In other news, the Minnesota Legislature once again is making sure the end-of-session repeats its annual chaos. Even in a non-budget year, lawmakers seem determined to go to the last minute with big issues unresolved. At that point, sweeping compromises are made which could have been worked out long before and merely tweaked in conference committee. The time for additional scrutiny would make for better laws. However, the prime interest in St. Paul seems to be winning the next election. Legislators are convinced (accurately, sadly) that voters don't watch them that closely and are more interested in handouts in the form of tax breaks than in good long-term policy. It looks like the nursing home funding increase will go through, however. 

I remain convinced that the people get exactly the government they deserve, both nationally and locally. 

Gov. Dayton is insisting upon his universal pre-K education measure. If so many children weren't neglected due in part to their parents having to hold a whole lot of jobs just to pay the bills, I would say they should stay home until they are five. However, when you see what many kids go through at that age nowadays, it might be good for them to have some structure earlier on. Government has to deal with reality, not the 1950s ideals of one-income happy families people cling to out of nostalgia.