Down on the Farm

Weekly column by Eric Bergeson.

Big Sur Highway

The stretch of highway which runs along the California coast from the town of Cambria up to the Monterey peninsula must be one of the most spectacular stretches of road in the country.

Highway 1 clings to cliffs over the Pacific. It rises and falls from ocean level to nearly one thousand feet. From that height, the cliffs drop directly into the ocean. Because I drove from south to north, I had the inside lane, for which I was thankful.

Whale watching

SAN DIEGO--One of the favorite wintertime tourist activities in this charming subtropical city is to head out onto the ocean to watch the southward migration of the Pacific gray whales. I booked a short expedition on the biggest boat I could find, thinking the bigger the boat, the calmer the ride.

The ride was smooth as we cruised towards the mouth of the enormous San Diego harbor. We slipped past three enormous aircraft carriers, three nuclear submarines in dry-dock, and a naval base filled with helicopters and odd-looking submarine-hunting planes.

Martian drama in Tucson

TUCSON, AZ--Last Saturday, a group of scientists and over one hundred members of the public jammed a classroom at the University of Arizona to witness the landing of NASA’s latest Mars expedition, the Mars Rover.

The landing was to happen at 9:35 p.m. Tucson time. In the hours preceding, several of the scientists involved explained the mission to the crowd. The last scientist to speak as the big moment approached was so nervous about the landing that she could barely talk.

I think I saw a Vikings game

Last week, Minnesota Vikings’ owner Red McCombs issued a call to Minnesotans in Arizona to fill the seats for Sunday’s game between the Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals in Tempe, AZ. Since I happened to be in Tucson, I thought why not come through for my old buddy Red?

So, Sunday morning I jumped in the pickup and headed up to Tempe. It was a cool but beautiful Arizona morning, with frost on the windshield. Arizona’s dry air warms up nicely during the day, as long as you are in the sunshine.

Moss and the Media

Has there ever been a sports interview that has ever been anything but a complete bore? Athletes generally have nothing to say, and should not be expected to have anything to say. Their actions on the field do the talking.

It is the job of sportswriters and commentators to describe the action, to put it into perspective, and to add a little poetry when the drama on the field demands it.

Street Signs

We backwoods hicks are finally up there with the big boys now that we have street signs on every corner out here in the hinterlands. The signs just went up this fall. We finally know where we live.

The authorities should know that intersection of 480th Street and 320th Avenue sure could use a stop light. I came within a quarter mile of hitting a neighbor who was hauling a load of hay the other day.

Of course, if anything bad had happened we could have requested that the ambulance come to the intersection of 480th and 320th. That would have set things straight in a hurry.