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Flagstaff sky

After a day of trying to capture the dramatic skies on the 370 mile stretch from Santa Fe to Flagstaff, Lance stuck the camera out the window while we were going 80 mph down the freeway and took this shot. Wow. I now know where the Hudson River school of painters got the inspiration for their incredible paintings of clouds. Albert Bierstadt comes to mind (Google his name to see what I mean).

Skies of Santa Fe

Pulled into the hotel parking lot just in time to see the sunset in Santa Fe. I stepped out of the pickup and took one shot east, one shot north and one shot west before heading inside to check in. Above is the shot north, with a typical Santa Fe fence.

December 29th


After a leisurely drive across the wastes of western Nebraska, Lance and I pulled into Denver late this afternoon. Called cousin Chad, who met us at a restaurant with his delightful family, girlfriend Kathy and daughter Madison.

Highlight of western Nebraska

December 28th

The fog belt

The traditional first night stop on the way to Arizona is York, Nebraska. The way I take is to go to Sioux Falls, SD, take I-90 west a few miles to a little past Canistota (home to the famous chiropractic clinic where my grandmother used to take weeklong cures during the 1940s, weeks she called "the best time of my life"), then down to Yankton on 81, across the Missouri on a one-lane two story bridge, and then south to the intersection of 81 and I-80 at York.

December 27th

Weasel in the woodpile

When I was about to get in my pickup and leave the house this afternoon, I saw this critter running to the woodpile. I ran back in to get the camera, not expecting him to hang around. But he poked out long enough for this picture. I wish my telephoto--which is in the care of UPS right now--had arrived earlier!

December 26th

Lotto winner

I've never won anything in my life--until tonight. When I walked in the door for a visit at their Grandma and Grandpa's, cousins Cynthia and Cora had their desk set up and were selling lottery tickets. My number was 814423. Lo and behold, for the price of two 50 cent tickets, I won the $9.47, half the overall pot. Here are lotto officials Cynthia and Cora congratulating me on my winnings.

Holiday confusion

What day is it? One has to ask more often around holiday time, as the usual routine is disrupted. Today is Monday, but it seems like a...well, I am not sure. The same will happen next weekend with the New Year holiday.

My gift to Aunt Olla didn't work. She called this morning to say that "this phone has to go!" I knew from her tone of voice that she had been stewing a bit over it, gathering up the courage to call. I assured her that I would bring her old one back today, and she was relieved at that.

December 24th

Christmas Eve

After all the hoopla, twas a beautiful Christmas Eve. Wrapped presents in the morning and afternoon. My wrapping methods are questionable, and the results are kittywhumpus, but it's all in the dumpster now.

Sister Tracie arrived from the Twin Cities just as I pulled into Mom and Dad's garage from picking up Aunt Olla at the Fertile Hilton. So, we had a nice group.

Mom and Joe cooked an opulent meal. Fancy pork chops. Wild rice. Baked potatoes. Squash. Fancy salad. Brocolli and cauliflower in cream. Mom's top notch pumpkin pie.

December 23rd

Twins improvements

Terry Ryan has finished putting the 2006 team in place, and I think he did a pretty good job. This should be a fun team to watch. Of course, last year at this time I figured the Twins would be very improved from the year previous. I was quite wrong. Their pitching stayed solid, but their hitting went south.

The biggest deal is that Terry Ryan improved the team's hitting without giving up any of the Twins vaunted pitching--with the exception of J. C. Romero, who they wanted to get rid of due to his erratic streak.

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