Archive - Oct 2006

A pro-nap treatise

This writer in Toronto really gets deep into the roots of napping as well as the modern prejudices against the practice.

October 30th

First storm

The deep roar of the winter wind is audible from inside. Light, sandy snow is falling. The temperature is falling, too. Winter storm warnings have been issued, and people are hunkering down for the first storm of the season. There is some hope that the worst will slide north of us, but even so, it looks that winter is here.

October 27th

Speech stuff

The seminar for teachers was held in the cavernous St. Cloud Civic Center. I gave the same presentation as at the other teachers' seminars to which I have spoken this fall. However, this time instead of tight quarters, the room was huge. The teachers sat at the same tables where they had eaten. And they were spread quite far apart.

Uncovered meat

A Muslim cleric in Australia is in trouble for his comments which argued that if women remained at home under their veils, rape would not be a problem.

October 26th

St. Cloud

I am motivating teachers again tomorrow, this time in St. Cloud. It was a nice drive down on Highway 10. I don't believe I have ever stayed in St. Cloud before.

Downtown St. Cloud is active. I was pleasantly surprised to find a Sawatdee Thai restaurant. Surprised, until I got inside and realized I had been there sometime before.

Sawatdee has restaurants in Minneapolis as well. I always order Thai catfish. It was plenty good. Thai food is more vivid, both in color and taste, than the Chinese food we get up here.

October 25th


Aunt Olla asked if I would stop by the Fertile Hilton today to pick up some excess fish that she had on hand from a trip to the casino with her niece Monica on Monday. Seems they got the wrong order at the restaurant and to make up for it, the nice ladies there fixed her up with more fish than she could handle.

Olla wishes to emphasize that they just went there to eat. Not one thin dime went in a slot machine.

Founding Fathers

Conservative columnist George Will weighs in with a much-needed historical reality check.

October 24th

Neshek, again

Another reason to like Twins relief pitcher Pat Neshek. Let's bid this item up!

Human Nutrition Research Lab

Today, I availed myself of a long-standing invitation from Jerry Combs, director of the United States Agriculture Department's Human Nutrition Research Laboratory in Grand Forks. Dr. Combs is a customer at the nursery and has frequently invited me to take a tour of his institution as I was adding up the pots of plants he and his wife purchased.

October 23rd

World Series

The World Series thus far is garnering record low television ratings. I haven't watched an inning. My interest dried up when the Twins lost.

Kenny Rogers is in trouble for doctoring the ball. He probably is guilty. Anytime you get an old pitcher with a devastating sinker, he's probably doing something fishy.

Some of those old guys get by with what they can. Joe Neikro comes to mind. The crafty 45-year-old knuckleballer was busted in 1987 for having an emery board in his pocket which he said he used to file his nails.