Archive - Feb 16, 2006

Career speaker

Today I spoke to two classes of 9th graders at the school in town about careers. I guess the idea was I would tell them how to become a 1) nurseryman and 2) a writer.

I regard neither as a career. In fact, the word career makes me cringe. I don't ever want to have a career unless it involves baseball, and unless I develop a knuckleball in a hurry, that isn't on the agenda.

Winter drags on

Went out to take some photos at sunset tonight. I noticed that sunset occurs a full hour later now than it did in December. We are just about two months away from the shortest day of the year. That means the darkest 1/3 of the year is behind us. However, we are in the grip of a little cold spell which is more January than March. Single digits today, and below zero tonight.

More kerfluffle

Okay, now this story won't go away. Cheney, who has two drunk driving busts on his record, had "a beer or two" before the hunting incident. A beer or two, for those of you who have never had a beer or two, doesn't usually mean a beer or two.

Also, nobody called the cops. You would think if there was a shooting that the first thing you would do would be to call the cops, even if it was accidental. Why might nobody have called the cops?

I still think the press should largely ignore the hunting thing and concentrate upon the larger issues at hand.