Archive - Feb 18, 2006

Cattiness at the bird feeder

Perhaps the finches are moody because I took away the thistle feeder for financial reasons and replaced it with broken sunflower seeds. Nyger thistle is their favorite, but they will eat the sunflower seeds if forced. But boy, they are fighting out there today. Lots of angry cackling.

High of ten below

Don't like this weather, even if the sun shines. I find the cold oppressive. Last night, I visited friends and drove cross country home on gravel roads. They were drifting in. Realized that if I went in the ditch, nobody would find me for a while. Looked and felt around and couldn't find the cell phone in the pickup. Decided just to drive carefully.

Today, frigid cold. It was twenty-two below zero at noon. The sinister white snow-snakes slithered across the highway. Ugly stuff.