Archive - Feb 24, 2006

Competition at the birdfeeder

The birds weren't sure what to make of this visitor this morning. Here he looks in the window at me taking a picture of him from a range of about five feet. Then he went back to digging for bird seed. The digging is getting tougher. Today we are getting a good five to six inches of snow, and the wind is supposed to blow later on today.

Touchy feely Twins

An annoying pattern has emerged in the coverage of the Twins by the Twin Cities media in the past year: They sound like a mother who just wants their kids to get along.

This article is a prime example. And it is an example of why I prefer Torii Hunter when he's out in centerfield doing his thing so you can't hear him talk.


Tomorrow, I head to the Fargodome for the first nursery promotion event of the year, the Home and Garden Show. That means I will be manning a booth for three days. I am also going to give a couple of seminars.

I have a little problem; I forgot which seminars I agreed to do, and I can't seem to find a list of the seminars online or anywhere else. I think they will be published in the Fargo Forum tomorrow. I will call into the Fertile Hilton and perhaps Aunt Olla can fill me in. It helps to know what I am speaking on ahead of time in case I could bring some handouts.

Photo hiatus

I have been snapping pictures, but the colors are coming out funny. I don't know where the problem is. When I first put them on the computer, they look fine. When I look at them again, they look orange.

If I edit out the orange, they look better--until I post them on the website, when they get too dark. So, this is frustrating. My enjoyment of photography is predicated upon total control and instant satisfaction. When I lose one or the other or both, my interest dries up in a hurry.