Archive - Feb 27, 2006

More baseball psychobabble

Just when I thought the unholy marriage between Freudian psychology and Twins baseball couldn't get any worse, I run across this piece of journalistic trash. Isn't bonding something that happens between a child and a mother?

Random observations

SAW a new one yesterday in Fargo: I was following a car which had the window open. A cigarette ash flew out. The car turned left ahead of me, and I saw that the driver was not only smoking a cigarette, but talking on a cell phone. I have yet to figure out how that is done.

ON THE PSYCHOBABBLE theme: At the Cenex in Hillsboro yesterday, I was waiting to be helped--which meant waiting for the conclusion a deep conversation between two seventeen-year-old clerks, the one of whom, a boy, was saying something like, "When I work on developing a relationship..."