Archive - Feb 3, 2006

Ball joints

That's what they call the things which went out on my pickup, which caused the tires to wear horribly, and which cost $660 to replace today. Whoa. I wasn't quite ready for that total.

Oh well, I put it on the credit card so it doesn't matter anyway.

A road to energy independence

Here is a long, but interesting article on the prospects for alternative fuels. Note that Brazil has, through creative legislation, all but eliminated its dependence upon foreign oil.


Ah, the day to take the shoebox into the accountant. Actually, it was a folder of stuff assembled by my mother and bookkeeper Cindy which, ritual dictates, I look at a few hours before going to the accountant and see if I understand. I nod and say I get it, but if there were a test, I'd flunk.

So I go into the accountant's office and then he starts peppering me with questions about which I know little or nothing. "I'll get back to you on that," is my standard reply.

Next year, I am bringing along the people in the know and withdraw from one more business detail.