Archive - May 2006

May 30th

Big birds

Took a back way to town this morning in hopes of catching some bird life. I wasn't disappointed. One of the lakes along the Winger road was filled with white birds. There were at least a dozen swans, and then some pelicans showed up. They made a low pass in perfect formation over the swans before rising up to a higher altitude to circle.

May 29th

Hot day

Yesterday was almost unbearable. It was in the mid-nineties outside, and the temperature in the greenhouse, according to Leo, reached 105 degrees.

Fortunately, Jennifer, owner of La La Homemade Ice Cream in Fertile, brought out her ice cream stand. I was fortunate enough to get a picture of the goods before a single scoop was taken. I have a thing for creamy vats of dairy products. I get inordinate pleasure out of opening up a fresh 1) vat of ice cream 2) vat of butter 3) Cool Whip container.

May 26th

Liriano vs. Hernandez

Twins fans make sure to tune in tonight to see two of the best young pitchers in baseball duke it out in the Metrodome. I am looking forward to a pitching duel. Both Francisco Liriano of the Twins and Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners are just over twenty years of age and can throw hard.

May 24th


Here is everybody we could gather for a picture today of the nursery crew. A finer bunch you'll never find. It was Nick's day off, Aaron works only weekends, Donna was too far away, Ken Helm was off today, and none of the five high school kids were there--but this was the most we could get in one place at one time.

The rest of the story

Aunt Olla responds to my account of the incident last week at the Pizza Hut in Moorhead where she was asked for identification while trying to buy beer:
When we were in the Flom Cafe, I told Sybil we should go to the Pizza Hut in Moorhead to have pizza. She agreed and added that she had heard beer was very good with pizza and would try it. "I'll try it, too," I said. I had never ordered any beer before in my life. I always had root beer with pizza.

May 23rd

Phone naps

The nursery is crazy busy, and there is work to do outside. But my main job is to answer the phone. If the phone rings and nobody is there to answer the question, it throws a monkey wrench into the whole operation while one or two people leave their posts and run around solving somebody's problem with their plant.

May 20th


Sang this morning at the funeral for Donny, part of the Larson family with whom I have long been friends.

Donny was born with Down's Syndrome. As was traditional back in the 1940s, he was institutionalized for many years. Then he went back to live with his family. His sister Phyllis and brother Jim took him in over thirty years ago. He was an integral part of their very bustling household, which not only included a raft of kids, but on most days, every neighbor kid as well.

May 19th

Getting on the blog

A woman at the nursery asked me today, "How obnoxious do I have to be to get in the weblog?" Ha!

Well, she wasn't obnoxious at all...but another woman won the award. She arrived at the till when we were very busy with a box of a few items. She said, this is two orders. Okay, which are which?

I guess I was supposed to figure out that on my own. With a sigh, she separated four items in one pile and five in another. Then she said, we have 8 plants reserved. Are they ready?

I said, of course they are ready. I will check with my mother.


Nothing better than fresh asparagus. However, there is an aftereffect to eating the vegetable which is not often discussed. Now, it is out in the open.

May 18th

Sytendde Mai

The big Sytennde Mai (Norwegian Independence Day) celebration went off without a hitch yesterday. Here are Arne and Orville Gunderson accompanied by Sybil Hoffman. Boy did they make some good music! They played mostly old Norwegian tunes until the end when they did some other popular selections like "The Wabash Cannonball" and "Red Wing."