Archive - Jun 2006

June 29th

Long summer days

At ten o'clock this evening, there was still light in the northwest. By five o'clock tomorrow morning, there will be light in the northeast.

In the past, I have felt frustration at not being able to drink in June. Everything grows so fast. There is so much to get done just to keep ahead of the growth, one doesn't have time to enjoy the green and the sunshine and the birds.

June 28th

Swamp Battle

Ma swan hisses off the cheeky red-winged black bird. The swans are constantly harassed by the blackbirds, who don't seem aware of their severe disadvantage in size.

The red-winged blackbirds are the bane of the swamp. They chase the other birds with a vengeance, and can react to every acrobatic maneuver of their victim. I haven't seen them catch anything yet; I assume they are just trying to frighten away competition.

Red Hats

No red hair in Fertile like the woman's below, but we do have Red Hats.

Two years ago, the Fertile Red Hats came to the nursery to visit the gardens in August. I was supposed to speak to them, I believe, but two things happened: My unassembled house arrived on two flatbed semis, and a Greyhound bus full of gardeners from Fergus Falls left on the wrong road and ended up buried up to the axles in what is now my living room.

June 27th

More NYC pictures

A friend of mine once said you could stand on any given street corner in New York City for twenty-four hours an not be bored. Exhausted, maybe, but never bored. Here are some pictures I took from a single spot near Columbus Circle at the southwest corner of Central Park.

Twins roll

Wow. Liriano pitched as usual, Mauer had five hits and the Twins pounded the Dodgers 9-2. The Twins have won fifteen out of their last seventeen games--without moving up in the standings one inch, since both the Tigers and the White Sox have compiled the same record.

Well, I don't care. It doesn't matter if the Twins make the playoffs. They are going to be fun to watch this season no matter what. Santana pitches tomorrow at noon.

June 26th

Visiting the Hilton

Today was a scheduled visit to Aunt Olla at the Fertile Hilton. As is customary, the agenda was set ahead of time and only gradually revealed to me during the course of the visit.


Warren Buffett, one of my heroes, announced today that he is giving about $37 billion of his fortune away. He will still have around $7 billion left. At age 75, he should be able to get by.

Buffett is a humanitarian and always has been. So is Bill Gates, the world's other richest man. Their combined billions will be used to help the poorest of the poor in third world countries.

June 25th

More art

Here are a couple of the works of art I referred to when writing this week's column.

June 24th

Shocking news

Iconoclastic evangelical writer Randall Ballmer pens an article which deserves close reading, particularly by those who probably won't read it.

Fresh fawn

Leo and I were watching the Twins and the Cubs on WGN when this fawn and its mother appeared out the front window. The fawn was curious and kept moving towards the window--until it spooked and scurried away.