Archive - Jul 2006

July 30th

Storm update

The cloud pictured below did not strike the nursery. However, hail from the same cloud thrashed the gardens of weblog readers Chuck and Barb. Chuck sent along pictures of their yard. They lost trees, and their vegetables were shredded on the vine. They are huge gardeners, so this is sad for them.

Another hot one

Glad today was a Sunday. One-hundred degrees has almost the same effect on me as thirty below: I stay inside. Every time I stepped out the door, I was greeted by a wall of heat that was unbearable--so I ducked back inside and enjoyed the day.

July 28th


The stately Red Lake County courthouse sits atop a hill in Red Lake Falls, MN.

July 27th


These clouds were swirling with unusual vehemence this evening. A big storm cell passed just north of us. We only got a brief drizzle; I am hoping that they got doused up north.

I found myself hoping a funnel cloud would come down out of this thing so I could photograph it. That's not smart, I know.

LAST NIGHT I performed in Perham, MN for a reunion of former Federal Land Bank employees. They didn't know I was coming--I was a surprise.

July 25th

Twins 4 White Sox 3

Fun game tonight. Santana was pretty good against the American League's best-hitting line-up. Then the relievers came in and did their usual slamming of the door.

In the field, Michael Cuddyer was a plus, throwing out a runner at third from right field and making another diving catch. Jason Bartlett made a spectacular play at shortstop at an important time. All in all, another nice game. The Twins unbelievable streak of quality baseball continues.

July 24th

Twins vs. White Sox

Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune shares my view that Ron Gardenhire has shown signs of becoming a manager lately. He choses a different incident than I to illustrate his point, but both came in the same game--the fourth and fifth innings of Silva's last start.

July 23rd

Twins roll on

After losing 11-0 last night to end yet another long winning streak, this one eight games, the Twins came back today with Liriano and won 3-1. Just as impressive as Liriano striking out 10 in five innings of work was the bullpen which utterly shut down the Indians for the final four innings.

Heron poses

The heron has been standing out on the swamp all evening, striking various poses.

For a full five minutes, he stood like this--sort of cross-winged, as if in the heron lotus position.

July 22nd

Harvest begins

The air is heavy with grain dust. Harvest has started. It feels like Labor Day. Although the drought is taking its toll on the crops, the colors are striking.

The days are getting a little shorter, but even so, this sunset happened just after nine p.m.

July 21st


For those of you who watched the Twins game to the end tonight, you got to see new pitcher Pat Neshek with his unusual, and apparently impossible-to-hit pitching delivery. Added bonus: He writes a weblog.