Archive - Sep 2006

September 29th

Tough day

Last night, I found out that one of my students, Laural, was hit by a gravel truck on the way home from class yesterday. Laural is more than a student to me; I've known she and her family for many years. She took my class for that reason, and always was in the front row, filled with enthusiasm and commentary. On Wednesday, she brought me some cake. We had a good chat after class about the new weblog she was setting up.

Now, Laural is on life support. She's seventeen years old.

September 27th

Opera canned

An opera in Germany is cancelled because it might offend Muslims. Judging from the description, the Mozart opera might have offended a few Christians, too.

This is when people have to have some guts and go forward with their life. Maybe add some guards, but for goodness sake, don't let the Neanderthals govern what operas you see or don't see!

Fall picture

Here is why I love fall.


Once again, I have to link to Twins pitcher Pat Neshek's site. So, the Twins have clinched and he played a big role and there are playoffs ahead--but what does he talk about? He got an autographed Aerosmith card on the trip to Baltimore! This guy's a wonderful flake. What I like most about him is that although he is now rich and famous, his sympathies are still with those poor people seeking autographs, people doing what he did a few years ago--and still does, for that matter.


It is now clear that the "compromise" on torture going through Congress will allow the President to use torture on United States citizens, or people from anywhere in the world, at his discretion. He is also allowed to detain them without trial indefinitely if he deems them dangerous.

Sounds more like a capitulation than a compromise.

September 26th


It is time to get some color on this weblog. Above are some Red Wing raspberries. Although we have had light frosts, the fall-bearing raspberries are still in good shape. Nothing better than a cold, fresh raspberry.

Here is a yellow echinacea, its petals blowing in the breeze earlier today.

Twins in the playoffs

The Twins celebrated last night. They have made the playoffs. Now, they should put the pedal to the medal and overtake the Tigers to win the division.

One national writer is saying the Twins should ease up and try notto win the division. The reason? They would be better off facing the Yankees in a short series of five games in the first round than facing them in a longer series of seven games in the second round. If they win the division, they won't see the Yanks until the second round, assuming they win the first.


I take back all the bad things I have said about Boof Bonser. He has been doing the job in good fashion. Tonight he has pitched very well, well enough to make one overlook his mid-eighties blow-dried hair-do.

And now, this blog's other punching bag, Torii Hunter, has hit another home run. He has come on like gangbusters this fall. After going almost a-year-and-a-half without a hot streak, Hunter is back in the saddle, carrying the team on his back. I think that's a mixed metaphor, sitting in the saddle with people on your back, but so be it.

September 25th


I decided to write a column (posted left) on the ambivalence people, including myself, have about Wal-Mart. It seems that some Democrats are running their campaigns against Wal-Mart, saying the retailer represents everything that is wrong with this country.

September 22nd

Aunt Olla's 95th

Unlike Aunt Olla's 90th birthday, which I tried to plan and after which attempt she said I was her "worst enemy," (apparently having coffee and cake in the common room of the apartment building where she lived wasn't her idea of a good time) she has taken complete charge of her 95th birthday.