Archive - 2007

December 29th

A day on I-29

Traveled today from Fertile to Omaha. Stopped in Fargo to pick up some walkie talkies, since we are in a caravan––and then we filled up on knoefla soup at Kroll's diner before the trip.

December 28th

Off to Tucson

Tomorrow morning, it is off to Tucson. I am glad we waited the extra day as the weather is going to be a whole lot nicer down I-29. The goal tomorrow is Omaha. We'd better get there because I already paid for a hotel room on Priceline. Stupid: I bid $65 thinking I would get a really, really nice hotel normally priced $125. Nah. I got one that is normally priced $66. So I saved $1. The tax on the room is $19, so the total came to more like $85. From the hotel's website, the place looks a little seedy.

December 27th


My desire to get to Tucson now is more than offset by my desire not to drive in anything resembling foul weather. Since there is some possibility of ice on the roads south of here tomorrow, we are postponing for a day

Christmas is over

And not a moment too soon.

We did have a good time. Christmas day was spent at my house. Dad went into the Fertile Hilton and picked up Aunt Olla. Lance brought his little brother Jonny, and two friends, one of whom brought her little brother. So there were eleven, most of whom hadn't met before, and that made for a fun day as we ate, visited and played music and sang.

Aunt Olla was in fine form, holding court at the dinner table with tales of the old days. Olla likes meeting new people, so she went from person to person, getting their story.

December 24th

Christmas Eve

This year's holiday disorientation is going to be worst than most year's. Yesterday was Sunday, but it really felt like Friday. Tuesday is a holiday. Wednesday will feel like Monday. Then will come another four day weekend, with the New Year's holiday in the middle of the week. Two weeks of chaos.

This time of year isn't my favorite. Everything is screwed up. Throw in the weather and the roads and it really gets confusing.

December 23rd

Some links

Sportswriter Howard Sinker, who works as the official scorer at the Metrodome, explains why Bert Blyleven may be given the short shrift by the sportswriters who vote for the Hall of Fame. I think the Hall of Fame is just plain silliness, but because I have been a fan of Bert Blyleven's since I was in third grade, I would like to see him get the honor. Lesser players have been enshrined ahead of him.

December 22nd

Back to the deep freeze

After a three day respite from the cold, this morning it was back with a windy vengeance. Single digits, above and below zero. 

I haven't felt much like photographing lately, but Lance went out this evening in the Grand Forks area and emailed these to me a few minutes ago. 

Silva gone

After a run in 2006 as the worst starting pitcher in the American League, Carlos Silva recovered last season to post a mediocre record. And a good thing he did: the market for mediocre pitchers better than the market for wheat, and Silva landed a $48 million dollar contract with the Seattle Mariners.

December 21st

Moving furniture

The last three days have been occupied with moving furniture. It was a complicated set of exchanges which resulted in me renting a U-Haul trailer Wednesday morning, heading to Minneapolis, pickup up a bedroom set as well as the furniture of a friend, bringing some of the furniture back to Fertile, putting the rest of it in a storage unit in Grand Forks and then dropping the U-Haul trailer off in Crookston tonight. Three days of driving with a trailer behind the pickup and three days of moving furniture. Not my favorite activity, but I made it through.

December 18th

Deep Freeze Lifts

Wow, what a difference a few degrees makes. Today's temperatures climbed into the upper teens and that made it bearable to be outside. It lifted my mood inside, too.

I just got in from stoking the stove. It hasn't required additional wood for about 30 hours. It still was plenty hot. The twenty degree warm-up makes a big difference on wood consumption.