Archive - 2008

December 30th

The iPod doesn't lie

Thanks to my webmaster Anne for figuring out the problem with the links. They should work now.

Truth or Consequences to Tucson

The cholla cactus, above, looks like some sort of outlandish animal in the savannah-like grass near Silver City, NM today. 

December 29th

Truth or Consequences

How did this town in New Mexico get its name? Well, it won a contest in 1950 sponsored by the radio show of that name and changed the town's name to the show's name in return for lots of national recognition and subsequent annual visits from the show's host. The town was formerly called Hot Springs.

WW II story

Weblog reader Irene forwards this great article about a Minnesota man.

December 28th

Insomnia in Santa Fe

Just before I left town, I received a call asking if I would instruct a photography class. What they needed to know was how to upload the pictures from their camera to their computer, and so on. 

Denver to Santa Fe

December 27th

Brisk in Denver

One's standards change in hurry. Even though it was in the low thirties today in Denver, I still found it too brisk to take a walk. Instead, I went to Barnes and Noble. It was too crowded to enjoy for very long as all the cushy seats were taken. I had forgotten that it is Saturday.

December 26th

Cherry Creek State Park


A nice review on Amazon.

December 25th

You can't get there from here

That has been the story of the past two days of travel. I have reserved hotels, then I have driven close to the hotels, yet I can't cut the knot of all the interchanges to actually get into the parking lot of the hotel. In Omaha yesterday, I drove five miles after I had the hotel just off my right. I just couldn't get to the thing.

Tonight, Denver. It was 39 degrees when I pulled into down, a vast improvement over ten below.