Archive - Jan 2009

January 30th

U of A

Spent some time walking slowly around the University of Arizona campus today. Above is the impressive mall. Part of what makes it impressive is the silence. No vehicles are allowed on the streets around the mall and nearby, so it is a very peaceful place. 

Dog with us

Saving a church

Some Fertile residents saved Varnes Church. Congratulations! It is always bittersweet when they have to move the building to the fairgrounds, but it is so much better than losing the building.

January 29th


An article in Time magazine highlights one pastor from Crookston and another from Winger.


Wow. There is no agreement whatsoever as to the value of the enormous stimulus package that will apparently pass. Credible economists seem to think it is a good idea. My gut thinks it is a bad idea to borrow more and spend more.

Warren Buffett is very much for the stimulus package, and I listen to him. However, even he isn't sure it will work or how long it will take if it does work.

January 28th


Somebody had tickets, so we went to a performance by the dance troupe Pilobolus tonight at the University of Arizona. The enormous hall, which seats nearly 2,500, was sold out.

There was a complication: The truck with the troupe's costumes and props was stuck in an ice storm in Texas and couldn't make it. However, from the looks of their website, they generally don't wear much for clothing, so I can't imagine what was in the truck.

January 27th

Frost warning!

An overnight freeze warning has been issued for the Tucson area. Those of you here, remember to take in your geraniums and other tender potted plants. Do not go outdoors without wearing clothing.

The warning ends tomorrow at 9 a.m. at which time normal activity may resume.

Cold at Home

I continue to follow the temperatures back home. It has been a rough winter. I also read in the Fargo Forum that there is a possibility that there will be a long deep-freeze in mid-February. I am slated to come home then, but I might just drive very, very slowly getting there.

January 25th

Far Horizons

There was a Scandanavian Dinner at the Far Horizons Trailer Park in Tucson this afternoon, and I was the entertainment. Above is the view from the piano bench quite a while before the performance started. 

What next

Saw something that amazed me the other evening. While with a group at a restaurant in downtown Tucson, we were wondering what song was playing. One of the group held up their iPhone to the music and within a few seconds, the title and artist appeared on the phone. It was a bit eerie. You need to download a program for it to work.