Archive - Oct 2009

October 30th


When the snow really started to come down, things got blurry. Here is a CRP field (Conservation Reserve Program, i.e. weeds) in the storm.

Big lone cottonwood

Cold Scenes

This feels too much like Thanksgiving for my taste. Over the river and through the woods...

Nothing says Halloween like the skeleton of a leafless oak. 


Cattails in the snow


If nothing else, snow makes photography somewhat more interesting. Above is a Pagoda Dogwood leaf.

A deer grazes two miles south of Fertile. 


This article surprised me. I can't believe so many people haven't had a good night's sleep in a month. I'd be on some sort of drug by then, for sure. If I have a single bad night's sleep, I pretty much withdraw from society and take naps until I catch up, which might take days. In this weather, with this constant rain, sleep seems like the natural thing to do.

October 29th

St. Sulpice

I post this video of Rick Steves because it is pretty close to my experience at St. Sulpice in Paris. I went on a Sunday morning. On the underground (the subway) were a lot of Parisien partiers stumbling home from the night's revelry.

I went into the cathedral and sat through the entire service. The clouds were low and passing over the sun, so the cathedral would be dark and then suddenly explode in light when the sun came out.

Drippy weather

Although I have plenty to do inside, the drippy weather has to be discouraging for farmers.

I am working on my next book, Back on the Farm. The final edit is at the printer and it is ready to roll.

Then comes the bigger problem: Promotion. I use inserts in area papers as well as a direct mailing to past purchasers of the book and the nursery mailing list.

Yanks lose

The game last night went well. The Phils won in Yankee Stadium, which is important. Cliff Lee baffled the mighty Yankee batters.

The announcers couldn't bring it up, but I suspect Lee's breaking pitches were helped a great deal by the light rain. A wet baseball breaks more than a dry one. And it rained for almost the entire game.