Archive - Nov 2009

November 30th


Minnpost, the online newspaper, has brought back Jim Klobuchar, the old hand at the Tribune sports desk. What fun it is to read good sports writing for a change. The art of the sports column is in serious decline. The new guys could learn from the old guy.

November 28th

Book signing

I will be signing books at a new gift shop in downtown Fertile called the Boutique of Joy from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, December 5.

Those of you who have ordered books should get them in the mail this next week. They will arrive on Monday evening and we are set up to mail the orders out Tuesday.

A retirement

I suppose it had to happen. Bob Sheppard is retiring at age 99.

November 27th


Aunt Olla sits in the kitchen near the end of yesterday's Thanksgiving festivities here at the house. Above, Lance caught Olla close up, which is an accomplishment. She noticed the flash, so Lance took off and she said, "Yeah, you'd better run." 

November 26th

Canary grass in the breeze

Book update

Back on the Farm will be printed Monday morning, shipped Monday afternoon and, for those who have already ordered, shipped out on Tuesday. On Tuesday evening, I fly to Tucson to perform at an event I arranged before I decided to publish this book. Thursday I fly back and try to get the book in stores around the region and maybe have a book signing somewhere before heading back to Tucson. It will be a busy week.

A little gratitide

The Fargo Forum has a heartwarmer this morning about two students who reconnected with their favorite teacher.

November 25th


One thing I am not very good at: Waiting. I am waiting for the book to arrive from the printer. There are always snags. It was due here this week. It may not arrive. I have a stack of orders. The boxes are labeled and ready to go. It is just to put books in them and send them on their way. After a slack couple of days, orders for 74 books came in yesterday.

November 23rd

Mauer, Favre

Joe Mauer won the American League MVP award in convincing fashion, garnering all but one of the first place votes. Sports nuts are busy wondering what the other voter was thinking, but you have to consider: These are sportswriters and they have their own ideas. There is no real intelligence test to get into their fraternity.


Unhinged paranoia and hatred are nothing new.