Archive - Nov 21, 2009

Oklee brothers

Chuck Haga does his usual excellent job in a profile of the brothers from Oklee. They've sort of been living legends around here, at least to people who live around them. When I encountered the last two at a church celebration up north of Oklee, I was introduced to them as if they were royalty.

St. Mary's

This afternoon, I played for the folks at St. Mary's nursing center in Detroit Lakes. This was a make-up session. I was supposed to show up there last week, but I hadn't written it down anywhere and I had completely forgotten even making the commitment. That is my nightmare: A bunch of people gathered to hear me and I don't show.

They were nice enough to reschedule, so I went today. It was my first time there. Some of the people were former customers and one lady was a neighbor around here long before I was born. They were a fun bunch and had nice smiles throughout.