Archive - Nov 2009

November 21st

Oklee brothers

Chuck Haga does his usual excellent job in a profile of the brothers from Oklee. They've sort of been living legends around here, at least to people who live around them. When I encountered the last two at a church celebration up north of Oklee, I was introduced to them as if they were royalty.

November 20th

St. Mary's

This afternoon, I played for the folks at St. Mary's nursing center in Detroit Lakes. This was a make-up session. I was supposed to show up there last week, but I hadn't written it down anywhere and I had completely forgotten even making the commitment. That is my nightmare: A bunch of people gathered to hear me and I don't show.

They were nice enough to reschedule, so I went today. It was my first time there. Some of the people were former customers and one lady was a neighbor around here long before I was born. They were a fun bunch and had nice smiles throughout.

November 19th


Midweek, Lance and I snuck down to Minneapolis. I had a meeting of the rural advisory board for, a web news site that is attempting to emulate the public radio model of news on the internet. It is going well. And the advisory board is a delightful mix of people who are active in their communities throughout the state. It includes two former state senators, the former publisher of the Minneapolis Star Tribune (and founder of the website) Joel Kramer, as well as other community organizers (gasp!).


Although Back on the Farm is still curing at the bindery, it is due to arrive early next week. The glue for the binding has to sit a while before you can safely open the book.

Meanwhile, orders are coming in at a good pace.

If you would like to order the book, send $16.95 plus $1.50 shipping and handling (MN residents must add $1.25 sales tax as well) to Country Scribe Publishing, 4177 County Highway 1, Fertile MN, 56540.

November 18th

Stubble near Rollag

IDS building at sunrise

Wells Fargo building at sunrise

November 16th


Here is a nice attempt to make visual one of the many amazing tricks old man Bach played with his music.


Until I saw the picture, I didn't know that I know these guys. I had their picture up on this weblog a couple of years ago.

November 15th


Why can't you buy locally grown russet potatoes in the stores around here? Surely, somebody grows russets in the valley. Yet all I see in the store are Idaho potatoes. Why should potatoes have to be shipped in from Idaho when we have fields of them right here?

Seems we could save a few hundred gallons of fossil fuel per day by eating local potatoes.