Archive - Nov 2009

November 15th

Chestnut apples in November

November color

It's a great life if you don't weaken

That was Aunt Olla's quote this morning when I stopped into the Hilton while I was in town. The quote, I found out when I got home, was spoken by a man named John Buchan in 1919 and is regarded as the 18th most memorable quote in the English language, according to one website's ranking.

But, as I sat there and we attempted to visit, Olla said "the vibes aren't right." Neither of us was particularly talkative. Neither of us are morning people. So I didn't stay all that long.

November 14th

Science Fair

Other fascinating science fair projects here.

November 13th

End of the fall season

Last evening, I played the role of after-dinner entertainment at a dinner put on by a bank for its customers about 100 miles from home. It didn't go particularly well. Not a soul knew me and the only people I talked to were the bankers who hired me. Everybody else was in their own little groups. When I got up to perform, it was sort of an intrusion on their social evening. It was hard work. I got some laughs, but it was sort of interesting that at one point I saw a man trying to suppress his laughter. He thought something was funny, but didn't want to embarrass himself by laughing.

November 12th

I'm not Lisa

One of my favorite country songs by one of my favorite country singers.

November 11th

Sons of Norway

Spoke and performed at the 40th anniversary of the Sons of Norway in Detroit Lakes last evening. They started with a great turkey dinner. There were ceremonies and rituals and things lodges do and eventually the crowd was moved into the sanctuary. The organizer did so because there was a grand piano in there, and was I glad. It was a real beauty, a big Kawai.

November 9th

Red Splendor berries in the wind


November 8th

Nature's corn dog