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November 8th

November colors


November 6th

Go-go is gone!

Okay, this trade probably makes sense, but still it is sad to see one of my favorite Twins Carlos Gomez traded to Milwaukee. He had such promise last year. He just couldn't hit much. He can run down anything in center field. And he has such pizazz. I assume that Denard Span will be in center now, and although Span is a good left or right fielder, he isn't the center fielder Gomez is by a long shot.


MPR reporter Dan Olson called me for this piece that was played on MPR news today. It did come out wrong; I said my service was one-sixth of the national average, not that it was one sixth of the FCC threshold, whatever that is. However, it is true that we do need better service out here than is currently available. The telephone co-ops are doing their best, but the distances make it a problem.

The speed of Wikipedia

A couple of hours ago, former Congressman Tom Tancredo walked off the set of a news show after another guest remarked about one of the various draft deferments Tancredo used to get out of serving in the Vietnam War.

November 5th

Judge this book by its cover, please...

I am pretty happy with the cover for the book. Lance designed it and did a nice job. Printing has started. I drove up to Gonvick today to pick up the promotional flier. I spent the entire evening sticking labels on envelopes. Sobering how many people have passed away.

Evil Empire

It seems like a cruel joke, but for the past few hours, the promotional banner on the left of this webpage has been promoting Yankee world championship clothing. For selfish reasons, I hope you all look the website over.

Sand animation

In response to my post on Soviet war art, below, a reader sent me this clip of a sand animation.

Watch the whole thing before getting the full explanation.

The last paragraph of the article is staggering.


It was good to hear the combines grinding away in the fields this morning. They took the soybeans off our land. Sixty acres. Took them about three hours. Glad too see combines moving all over the area. It is getting late.

Pumpkin patch