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November 5th


November 4th

Bach at the World Series

Probably the highlight of this sorry World Series has been the American Express advertisement which has a bunch of everyday objects, like a coat hanger hanging on a doorknob, looking like sad faces until the announcer brings up the American Express guarantee and then there is a bathroom scale that looks like it is smiling. Very nice.

"And then thank goodness the war started..."

That was my favorite line from Aunt Olla today. Everything is always for the best. Even a war.

Olla had been teaching at a school in western Minnesota and, although she sort of enjoyed it, it wasn't the best. After one year at the school, the war started. One of her friends' husbands was off to war and the friend was left alone in San Antonio, TX. So Olla and another friend, who had just had a fight with her boyfriend and was eager to get out of Dodge, took the bus to San Antonio to seek their fortune and keep their friend company.

November 3rd


I have been completely occupied publishing Back on the Farm. The book has been at the printer for a while, so that's done; what remains is the PR campaign. And that makes me nervous.

I am putting fliers in all of the area papers that carry the column. I am also mailing out fliers with a quantity discount to people who are on the nursery list, who have purchased books before, or who have asked to be notified when the book is finished.

November 2nd

A touch of Grandpa

November 1st

War paintings

If you have a slow connection, this link will be slow to load, but it is worth the wait. One of the haunting facts of World War II for me is that the Russian people, fresh off purges by their insane leader Josef Stalin, fought back the Nazi war machine. It took over five years and nearly 20 million Russian (and Ukrainian, Georgian, Moldovan, Lithuanian, et al) lives, but the Eastern Front was won. These paintings present some of the grim scenes.

Replay in baseball

Although I didn't watch last night's game, I understand that the umpires used replay to decide that Alex Rodriguez hit a home run. Good for them. However, baseball's rules at present state that the only plays which may be reviewed on the screen are home run calls.