Archive - Dec 2009

New Years

If there is one holiday that leaves me utterly empty, it is New Years. I get more excited when my odometer turns over to a big round number.

One of our acquaintances here in Tucson have told us about dinners for $95 where they serve you twenty-three well-lubricated courses of gourmet food. Apparently every restaurant is having some sort of party, all of them expensive.

I think it is a good time to have a normal Thursday and stay home.


I was going to write a screed, but Eugene Robinson did it for me. Dick Cheney's outbursts since he left office has been disgraceful. By comparison, George W. Bush has been a class act.

December 30th

New record!

Here is a record most of us would prefer not to break. I can't imagine.

December 29th


This is the only proper attitude to take against the so-called terrorists. They are a joke. They got incredibly lucky on 9/11, but since then they have been nothing but lame. We should not raise terror alerts over this. We should not even blink. We should not launch Congressional investigations.

December 27th


Good web coverage of the ongoing revolution in Iranhere. None of this would be happening if we had bombed or invaded Iran two years ago as so many have advocated. Anti-American rage would have hardened support for the regime. This is not necessarily a pro-American revolution, but surely it is a revolution aimed at attaining higher democratic ideals.

December 26th

Hilton update

Called Aunt Olla back in the old country this evening. She sounds utterly chipper. She and her roommate often, "erupt in peals of laughter," to quote Olla directly. A snowdrift has grown to cover half of the window in Olla's room, which makes things real cozy. Olla can't believe the elegance of the designs in the snow.

Lone Tree

I love lone trees on the prairie, but never had imagined this view of one. And this is superb, although I suppose you people back home might be a bit tired of snowdrifts. And this made me laugh.

Phoenix landscaping style

One would hate to be a shrub in Phoenix. 

No freedom of expression here. These shrubs, like the children of controlling parents, are trimmed into submission on a very regular basis. 

December 25th

Christmas is for kids

Date palm in Scottsdale