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February 28th


Instead of plotting to actually come up with a coherent political philosophy and win the next election, some prominent "conservatives" (nobody who plots revolution is truly a conservative) with big megaphones are treasonously suggesting that we need to rise up against our elected leaders.

February 27th


Spent over six hours manning the booth at the Fargodome today. The crowd was a bit thin, which was not surprising given the raw cold. What was surprising was that they were having a tough time heating the Fargodome. We (the merchants) were complaining on our end of the dome only to find out that we had it warmer than the people elsewhere in the place. So, people were comfortable in their parkas.

February 26th


There are always two sides to the story, even when it looks pretty bad.

State of the Union

A weblog reader writes:
I enjoy your weekly column and your daily blogs. And, we buy from the nursery, but I have a comment on your impression of the state of the union address. Did you forget the requirement of fiscal responsibility? What would happen to your business if you fulfilled all the objectives that you credit to Obama in hitting a 'home run" if you forgot the need to pay your suppliers and other creditors?

Aunt Olla remembers

February 25th

Hoping for boredom

Spring training is in full swing. I don't follow spring training day-to-day because games which don't count bore me.

The Twins have their team set. They have no major holes except for in middle relief. I suspect somebody will step into that role quickly. They do have a wide menu of options to choose from.

Camera fixed

Isn't it cold in Maine?

Goodness. What people don't come up with.

February 24th

Presidential address

Obama was on tonight. He hit all the right notes.




Thinking for the long term.

Planning for the long term.

He hit a home run, in my book.

February 23rd