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More flood heroics

A good summary of some flood heroics. And some more.

March 30th

Why we live here

A great video from CNN.

Sandhill River Golf Course

Inspection alert

Went in to see Aunt Olla at the Fertile Hilton today. She was busy in the bathroom, so I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I looked in and Olla was curling her hair.

Turns out, the state inspectors are at the Hilton. Olla will possibly be interviewed sometime in the next three days--they won't tell you when--so she wants to be ready. She had her hair done this morning, but she wanted to touch it up just in case the inspector came this afternoon.

Flood pictures

Here is the best batch of Fargo flood pictures I have seen.

March 29th

Flood quote

Got this from a reader:
My niece from Nashville e-mailed that she had seen a woman in Fargo being inverviewed on FOX T.V. The Lady was standing between her house and her sandbag dike, and the water appeared to be nearly to the top of the sandbags. She said "We are cautiously optimistic, and for a Norwegian that is near delirious!"

I know for a fact that cautious optimism can get you kicked out of the Sons of Norway.

Moss and frost

More ice tables

Wildlife, high and low

On a photo safari this morning with Lance and Bruce, we went east first to an area of the Sand Hill which had washed out a road. A pair of swans headed straight for us as we stood looking at the river, only to veer off at the last second. 

Sand Hill rapids


Water pours past the cable fence marking the edge of the Texas crossing, a concrete bridge which is designed to have water pour over it. The ice build-up is on the fence's cables.