Archive - Apr 2009

April 30th

Religion and torture

An interesting and sobering poll on torture. White evangelicals are more likely to support the use of torture than any other religious group, including non-believers. The actual word "torture" was used in the poll, not "enhanced interrogation techniques."

I hope they're proud. And I wonder how they justify it.

Chicken dinner cancelled

After discovering that I needed to be at the nursery Friday evening, I called Aunt Olla to cancel our trip. I hate to disappoint her, even though she is pretty resilient.

Well, she beat me to the punch. I think she knew why I was calling, and she right away started in about watching CNN all day and really getting worried about this swine flu and perhaps we shouldn't go out for chicken dinner after all.

"What a relief!" she gasped when I said that was the very reason I had called.

April 29th


Nothing I enjoy more than taking photos and posting them on this blog. However, my camera went kaflooie.

Just got the new one in the mail yesterday. I hope to start taking pictures and posting again soon, although this next month is our crazy month at the nursery.

Happy Birthday, Elaine!

Weblog reader Elaine Tureson of Hallock turns 91 today! Happy Birthday, Elaine, and I hope Bert mentions you on the Twins broadcast tonight.


My legislative hero, Representative David Bishop, Republican of Rochester, although long retired and now in his mid-80s, is still stirring the pot.

April 28th

The face of idiocy

The true source of swine flu is revealed.

TV suggestions

Aunt Olla just called from the Hilton. She had called earlier in the day to tell me that Walter Mondale was going to be on Channel 13 tonight at eight o'clock. However, she had gotten the time wrong, so it is now going to be nine o'clock. Of course, I am watching Liriano and the Twins, who are ahead of the Rays 2-0 at this point. But, according to Olla, there is also a good show in Channel 16 which she wishes I would at least tune in to for a minute during a commercial break in the Twins broadcast.

April 27th

New version of Susan

Perhaps parody is a form of flattery.

Retired teachers

Today, I spoke to a group of retired teachers in Thief River Falls. Most of them were familiar faces. Thief River is sort of a second home town for me, and whenever I speak there it is old home week. Now some of those familiar faces are getting up into their 80s.

One of my favorite teachers from UND, John Crawford, passed away. I only had John for one class. It was an Intro to Poetry class that I took to fill out my English minor in my last semester of school.

April 25th


Former Reagan and Bush 43 advisor Bruce Bartlett provides good insight into the Tea Parties.