Archive - May 2009


Richard Clarke, a high-ranking Bush administration official, pulls the rug from beneath Cheney's recent arguments defending his indefensible actions after 9/11. Clarke is absolutely right. And it is good to know there were men of honor in places of power, even if they were overruled by inferiors of higher rank.

May 29th


A high school choral group performs the Little Fugue in G minor by J. S. Bach. I am all in favor of various renditions of Bach, and I have always wanted to hear an organ fugue done by a choral group. This performance has some thin spots, but what warms my heart is how high school students have been introduced to the magic of Bach by performing it.

May 28th

Photo exhibits

At the opening reception for Lance's show at the Third Street Gallery in Grand Forks tonight, I chatted with Chuck Kimmerle, who mentioned that his upcoming show at the

May 27th


Obama's Supreme Court nominee Judge Sotomayor has inspired a lot of fuming on the right. Here, one of the "intellectuals" on the right insists that it is a matter of importance to pronounce Sotomayor's name wrong.

I never thought I'd hear some idiot say it out loud what has been a pet peeve of mine for some time: That we must, must, must insist upon pronouncing names which seem foreign to us wrong, and certainly not in the way desired by the person who actually has the name.

May 26th


Drove up to Redby, MN to help design some plantings for a day care center there. Beautiful drive, especially in the drizzle. Lovely people and a fun project.

Back at the nursery, we're worn out after the busy Memorial Day weekend. Everybody feels like taking some time off, me included. It has been a month straight of long days.

I love people, but the public I could do without. I shouldn't say that out loud, but it is true.


Sun comes through

Late in the evening, after a dreary, cold and drizzly day, the sun broke through. The lurid greens of late spring glowed in the low rays. I see this arbor vitea every day on the way out the drive, but it caught my eye anew tonight. 

May 25th

Another busy weekend

Memorial Day weekend is one of our busiest at the nursery. We are also open today, Memorial Day. People are planting, so the yard was full of cars yesterday. I am bushed.

Yesterday morning, I took the annual trip around to area graves to decorate them for people who can't do it themselves for reasons of distance or infirmity. What a beautiful morning it was.

Then, after planting six geraniums at a grave at Concordia Cemetery in Fertile, the old van wouldn't start. Wouldn't even fire. It would have been a disaster, but now we have cell phones!

Photo exhibit

Lance is working hard on his photo exhibit for the Third Street Gallery in Grand Forks, which opens Thursday night and runs for a month. The framed shots are now covering the dining room table and the chairs. They are stunning.

May 23rd

Mauer, cont.

I have decided that one of the great pleasures of life is watching Joe Mauer hit a baseball. If he avoids major injuries, he's a Hall of Famer––and we get to watch.

Stubble field near Sundal